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Generate Passbook passes: Passdock revolution

Passdock LLC stands all set to afford you a service that will signal the revolutionary era of mobile commerce.

Passdock LLC stems from a common vision of many professionals in this technology industry. We are overly confident in our ability to provide a simple, yet intuitive and immediate answer to all developers and companies that want to take advantage of the extraordinary potential that is Passbook; Apple's revolutionary app, available on the new operating system iOS 6.

On the one hand, an innovative development team, whose commitment is synonymous with quality and constant innovative technology solutions, offers the finest to affiliates and new partners. On the other, we have the e-max team: an organized and creative group, well-known for marketing and web-oriented growth and development potential through innovation.



As a Passdock LLC group we take pride in having a base of over 20000 affiliates around the world to whom we offer the innovative service of passes creation for Passbook; a service that is reliable, with prompt and unequivocal support.

Our project and mission is to involve our members and other new developers in integrating Passdock into their global system, so that you will subsequently offer to the business world the possibility of a true revolution connected to digital ticketing and management, creation and distribution of all passes for Passbook on all major mobile platforms.

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